July 20, 2015

Good night out there, whatever you are.

I’ve decided to shut down MicroHorror.

We had a pretty good run over the years, and I’m truly grateful to all of the authors and readers who supported the site, but I don’t have the motivation or enthusiasm anymore.

I’m going to leave the site up, at least for the foreseeable future, as an archive, but I won’t be accepting or publishing any new stories. Maybe I’ll even return some day; who knows?

If you think you might be interested in taking over MicroHorror and devoting the care and attention it deserves, please contact me.

I thank you all again, and I offer my most sincere best wishes.


Your erstwhile editor,
Nathan Rosen

November 1, 2014


Time’s up, boils and ghouls! I hope you all had a marvelous Halloween, and that you won’t suffer too much shaking off the (delete as appropriate) sugar rush / hangover / afterglow / zombie infection.

You people never cease to amaze me, by which I mean you sent in over forty entries in the contest’s final twenty-four hours alone! This old revenant is humbled and awed. I’ll keep posting stories, slowly but steadily, until they’re all up, and shortly thereafter announce the winners.

Thank you, my fiends!

October 29, 2014

What’s in the Box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

Good news, kiddies! As of today, the 2013 CJ Henderson Memorial Award prize packages are shipped and on their way!

And what, precisely, is in each package? I’m glad you asked, because I think I’ve gathered quite an assortment of goodies. Winners, feel free to look away if you’d rather be surprised, but everyone else, I welcome you to have a butcher’s at what each winner will soon receive, displayed here on my very own cluttered dinner table.

2013 Prizes

  • One copy of MicroHorror contributor Calum Kerr‘s “flash-fiction novella” Apocalypse, generously donated by the author. I’ve read it; it’s really good. Thanks, Calum!
  • One set of Fridge of the Damned magnetic word tiles.
  • One souvenir shot glass from the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, with a replica Room 217 number plate. Stephen King stayed in 217 when he was inspired to write The Shining, and the Stanley became the model for the Overlook. This glass is the perfect vessel for your nightly tot of REDRUM. (Or, you know, Pepsi. I can’t tell you what to do.)
  • One Stanley Hotel bookmark, cheap and self-explanatory.
  • And last but certainly not least, the trophy itself! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

2013 Trophies

These fine trophies are made in the USA, and feature a customized insert designed by me and manufactured to my specifications, as well as an engraved nameplate bearing the title of each winning story and the name of its author. (Winners, I had to ship the trophies unassembled, but don’t worry; they’re real easy to put together. I’ve even included the vital hexnuts. (Have you heard my new band, The Vital Hexnuts?))

The winners of the 2014 contest will also receive trophies, Fridge of the Damned Kits, Stanley Hotel shot glasses and bookmarks, and more! So now that you know what you’re competing for, may this spur you to new heights of creativity. Keep those entries coming! You have until 11:59pm on October 31 to submit your story, and I promise I won’t take nearly as long this time around.

Pleasant dreams!

October 4, 2014

2013: The Winners!

Well, kiddies, the 2014 contest is up and running, and entries are starting to trickle in. So before the trickle becomes a flood and we are all overwhelmed by the deluge of great horror, I think now is the perfect time to finally announce the winners of the 2013 contest! But I’m going to keep you waiting just a little bit longer to allow for some announcements.

First, a minor upgrade: MicroHorror is on Twitter! Every new story will be automatically announced on that feed, so follow @MicroHorror666 and never miss a scare! I’ve added a button on the sidebar for your convenience.

CJ Henderson, 1951-2014

CJ Henderson, 1951-2014

Second, as some of you may know, the world lost a great man in July of 2014. CJ Henderson was not only a fantastic writer of horror, science fiction and mystery, but he was kind and generous to everyone he met. A fixture on the convention circuit, CJ was always ready with a joke and a word of encouragement for even the greenest of aspiring writers. His story “That’s the One” was one of the first stories I was ever able to publish on this site, and his support helped me realize that I may actually have something worthwhile going on here.

In memory of the man, and in tribute to the mark he made on the world, with the permission of CJ’s family I hereby proclaim that the award annually given to the winners of the MicroHorror story contest shall be known–henceforth and in perpetuity–as THE CJ HENDERSON MEMORIAL AWARD.

And now, at long last and without further ado, it is my great pleasure to name the winners of the 2013 CJ Henderson Memorial Awards:

Rachel Anding: “Musings of a Celestial Cyclops”

C.L. Hesser: “Eyes”

Angel Zapata: “Eye Appeal”

My heartiest congratulations to the winners, my most heartfelt thanks to all entrants, and my most sincere apologies to everyone who has waited for so long to see these results. Much gratitude as well to my friends W.P. Rigler and Michael A. Arnzen, who assisted me with the difficult task of judging.

Right now, I’m in the process of acquiring the trophies and assembling the prize packages. There’s some really terrific stuff in there, some of which will also be included in the 2014 prizes. More information on that front will come soon.

In the meantime, thank you all again. Now get back to work on your entries for this year! It’s gonna be great; I can feel it in my bones.

September 30, 2014

Presenting… the 2014 Story Contest!

I admit it’s weird to launch the 2014 contest while last year’s winners still remain unannounced, but October has come, and you’ll just have to trust that I have matters well in hand. I enlist your creativity, talent, and support, even as I am haunted by my own failings.

Wait a minute. What did I just say?

The theme for 2014 is… HAUNTING!

Now, what haunts? A ghost haunts, of course. Ghosts can haunt buildings or any sort of place, but can’t they also haunt people? Or animals? Or inanimate objects?

For that matter, is a ghost the only thing that can haunt? Can’t we be haunted by the past, when our own sins refuse to let us sleep in peace? Can’t we be haunted by unfinished tasks, unkept promises, unanswered questions? Can’t we be haunted, even, by something as simple and intangible as music? Surely you’re familiar with the clichéed phrase “a haunting refrain.”

So there you have it. Your theme is haunting, but unlike a phantom who may be trapped in one location or routine for all eternity, you have almost unlimited freedom with which to explore the theme. You will be judged on originality and thoughtfulness, and your word limit is 666.

While you start planning your entries, I’ll be exorcising my own demons by wrapping up last year’s results and announcing the winners very, very soon. Watch this space!

The complete rules and the submission link are right here.

September 18, 2014

Where We Stand

So here we are, officially in late September. I fell far behind again, for reasons mostly but not entirely my own fault, but now I’m catching up. I’ve reduced the backlog to under two months, which is a big improvement on the four months plus that it was a few weeks ago.

I’ve enlisted a trusted ally to assist me with finishing up 2013′s contest results, and I’ve also decided–damn the torpedoes–to go ahead and launch the 2014 contest on October 1 as scheduled.

You’ve stuck with me this long, and I appreciate it more than you can know. I don’t want to let you down any more.

May 30, 2014

Hello Again

Well, kiddies, it looks like I did it. They put a hood around my neck–though surely a garotte would have been more appropriate–and declared me an M.A., which must stand for Monster of Atrocities. But after four years of hard work, I think I’m pretty good at designing things, so if you’d like to check out my portfolio I invite you to pay me a visit at www.nathanrosen.com.

Now it’s time for me to climb back on the old shoggoth and get this site moving again. I have close to four months of backlog, and I’m going to work through it at a steady pace. And no, I haven’t forgotten about last October’s contest, either.

I have a lot of work to do, but it doesn’t scare me. Not as much as clowns, at any rate.

March 26, 2014

A Much-Owed Update

Hello, fiends. I wanted to apologize, again, for the slow pace of posting and for the long-delayed contest results. I promise that I have not forgotten you. I am currently in the final weeks of my Master’s degree program, and trying to fulfill my assignments on schedule while still holding down a full-time job amounts to one of the most rigorous tasks I’ve ever faced. One way or another, though, it will all be over by the middle of May. I’ll do my best to keep you all informed. I ask not for your pity–only your patience.

December 9, 2013

And… That’s a Wrap!

Well, kiddies, I just posted the last of the 2013 contest entries. You sent me 72 this year– that’s the biggest turnout since 2008! I’m proud of each and every one of you!

Now it’s time for me and my fellow judging staff to read our poisoned tea leaves and make some very difficult decisions, whereupon I’ll announce the winners as well as the prizes. Watch this space!

December 6, 2013

Slowly But Surely

I’ve read and posted tons of great stories submitted for the contest, and I’ve still got quite a few to go. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you’re enjoying these little treats as much as I am!

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