November 21, 2012

Invasion of the New Race

They came from the water.

We didn’t notice them at first. They crawled silently in the dark of the night like lizards. It took them time to prepare their assault. When they were ready, they invaded our lands and hunted our families down, skinning them alive and feeding on them. They were merciless, fearless and brutal. Everything they touched, they turned into weapons. Their tactics were unmatched. Soon we were driven out of our forests, into the plains and the deserts. For a while, we thought we had peace. Some of them even approached us with curiosity, as if to communicate, but it turned out it was just another trick. We were ambushed everywhere we went and had to find another refuge.

In the end, we were forced to move underground. The flames drove us away. On the surface, the beasts were setting the woods on fire, finishing off the unfortunate ones that had stayed behind. They burned our forests and replaced them with huge cages of metal and stone they called cities. They created languages but that didn’t make them any less savage. They improved their science also but only in order to make stronger weapons, bigger wars, greater disasters. They hated us just like they hated our animal relatives. In fact, they hated the whole world and kept destroying until nothing was left on Earth and they had no choice but to move to another planet.

Eventually, they betrayed their own people. They had promised to take the poor and the weak with them to the new planet but they had lied. In the midst of a nuclear chaos that left no human or animal on the surface breathing, only an elite group of these brutes managed to escape the dying Earth.

Now that they’re gone, my kind can finally return to the surface, though I’m afraid we don’t have a future there.

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