November 6, 2012

Performance Art

She ran the tip of her tongue just along the edge of her upper lip, slowly, as she smoothed her splayed hands over her bikini-clad breasts, down to her hips. She softly scraped her teeth along her bottom lip, and winked at him.

He was naked, barely conscious of what was happening, the way the rest of them started out. He watched with dull eyes as she danced for him. Several silver strips of duct tape stretched over his mouth.

The contraption she’d rigged in his bedroom was much simpler than it used to be; she liked to think that, after a few years of combining this form of kinetic and performance art, she’d perfected her method. He was held in place by a particularly fine piece of craftsmanship that doubled as both stocks and a guillotine. It was portable, but it was currently fastened to the floor. He stood, hands and feet cuffed to the sides. There was only one hole, situated just below his waist.

On the nightstand beside his bed, there was an open box of Viagra. Once that little blue pill took effect, the hole in the stock would be filled. There was a motion detector just under that hole.

The guillotine would drop automatically. If it dropped now, it would miss him completely, but it wasn’t designed that way. Wires ran from the motion detector to the guillotine. When he became fully erect, the motion detector would send a pulse of electric current to the blade. Then it would drop.

His eyes widened as he realized this. He watched her seductive dance, his face scrunched together as he fought against the combined effects of nature and medicine. He knew it was no use; his body was made to react to certain forms of stimulation, and that’s what it would do.

She smiled as she eased the bikini strap off her left shoulder. The performance was satisfying, as always. She particularly loved that moment of realization her subjects had, all at about this point in the act. She blew him a kiss as she slid the other bikini strap off. Moments later, she let the piece of clothing fall. As she moved to the denouement of her performance, she could see he was starting to become aroused, against his will. It was only a matter of time now.


  1. Unsettling. Nicely crafted.

    Comment by John L. Campbell — November 12, 2012 @ 12:32 am

  2. Thanks.

    Comment by Stephen Graves — November 13, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

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