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No Such Thing by Barry Ergang
"Shh..." Seated on the edge of her bed, he held his four-year-old daughter, gently smoothing her hair. "Shh... There's no such thing as monsters."

"There are, Daddy!" she sobbed. "Mommy told Aunt Maria there's a monster in the house."

"No." He laid her back on the pillow, cooed soothing words, and held her hand until she slept.

His wife stood at the kitchen sink washing the dinner dishes.

"What the hell's the matter with you?" The flat of his palm slashed her cheek. "Where do you get off telling her about monsters?"

"I didn't- "

"There's... no... such... thing... as... monsters!"

His fists underscored each word.

Copyright © 2005 Barry Ergang