MicroHorror: Short Stories. Endless Nightmares.

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001 by Peter Raber

Abdurrahman's Hell by Sean Ryan
Abracadabra by Nathan Rosen
The After Life by R.S. Hill
Alone by Lucille Gallegos
Alone by Santiago Eximeno
Amazing Andy, the Wonder Chicken by Connie Corcoran Wilson
An Army of One by Sean Ryan
And the Beat Goes On by Nathan Rosen
Armus by Jenesta Matthews
Assembly by Nathan Rosen
Authentic Las Vegas by Sean Ryan

Bad Santa
by Gretchen Cranmer
Baptism by Fire by Sean Ryan
Bayou Talk by Thia Morgan Clayton
Be True To Your School by Nathan Rosen
Bed and Breakfast by Nathan Rosen
Best of Friends by Ben Rosser
Big Sister by Jo Skead
Bliss by Andrew Koester
Bloody Christmas by Nathan Rosen
Boathouse Romance by Rod Drake
The Bonsai by Tonya "Katt" Dunsmore
Boogeymen by Jon Catron
The Bordens by Tonya "Katt" Dunsmore
The Box by Santiago Eximeno
BRAC Reconsiderations by Sean Ryan
Breaking the Wave by Sean Ryan
Brottför by Christopher J. Dwyer

Cabin Pressure by Sean Ryan
Camera by Santiago Eximeno
Canned Hunt by Sean Ryan
Carpathian Prison by Sean Ryan
Channel Surfing by Nathan Tyree
Charon's Ferry by Gail Rosen
The Cold Comfort of a Coffin by Sean Ryan
Collection by Jo Skead
Color Comes in Snatches by Gwen Mayo
Coming Clean by Alex DiVincenzo
Controlled Burns by Sean Ryan
Crack by Nathan Rosen
The Crawl by Paul Frantz, Jr.
Creature Feature by Kirsten Anderson
Cruising for a Victim by Robert Shuster
Cubicle Dwellers by Alexandra Erin

Daniel by Nathan Rosen
A Day Hike by Eric D. Lehman
Dark Where the Shadows Run by Beverly Starr
Delos by Sean Ryan
The Devil Went Down to Tbilisi by Sean Ryan
The Devil's Decathlon by Sean Ryan
Doug Morgan, Publicist-At-Arms by Sharon Bell Buchbinder
Dragon Slayer by Jo Skead
The Drunkard Awakens by Jeffrey T. Maslany

Egyptian Cotton Sheets by Sean Ryan
The End by Ed Dempster
Eternal Battle by Ben Rosser
Evidence by Nathan Rosen
by Nathan Rosen
Expecting Liberty by Sean Ryan

by Shane Baker
Fire of Freedom by Sean Ryan
The First Spark of Love by Sean Ryan
Flea Circus by Sean Ryan
Forsaken by Beverly Starr
Freak Show
by Nathan Rosen
A Friend in the Night by Jefferson Draney
Fun, Fun, Fun by Nathan Rosen

The Gambler's Prayer by Sean Ryan
The Game by Cynthia Rosenberg
Goldvine by Kirsten Anderson
Grave by Elizabeth Coleman

by Elizabeth Bishop
The Hand of Darkness by Lucille Gallegos
The Harvest by Sean Capelle
Hear the Blood Scream by Christopher Allan Death
Here There Be... by Alexandra Erin
Hide and Seek by Nathan Rosen
How Cheryl Was Killed by Sean Ryan
How to Get to the Marreros' House by Sean Ryan
Howl of the Werewolf by Bob Boyd
Hunger by G.S. Riley

I Can't Die by Jason Dennis
I Lied by Santiago Eximeno
I Love to be Scared by Nathan Biant
I'd Be a Kickass Castaway by Sean Ryan
In My Room
by Nathan Rosen
Infectivity by Brian N. Hare

Last Kiss
by Tonya "Katt" Dunsmore
The Last Ruler of Tamar by Kirsten Anderson
Leaving on a Jet Plane by Pamela Hayes
Life and Death of an Addict by F. Tyler
Looking for a Host by Lucille Gallegos
Love at First Sight by Bob Boyd
Love Bites by Lucille Gallegos

Making Your Mark
by Gretchen Cranmer
Mean Streak by Sean Ryan
Megan's Troubles by Nathan Rosen
A Midnight Summer's Dream by Lucille Gallegos and Jessica Thompson
Mikey Had Already Gone by Charles Christian
Monster by Kelly Tessena
Monster by Santiago Eximeno
Monsters by Jon Catron
Mother's Day Present by Barry Ergang
Mr. Cloud Man by Sean Ryan

Night Soccer
by Nathan Rosen
No Such Thing by Barry Ergang
The Nurse by Alexandra Erin

Of Greetings, Goodbyes and One Black Dream by Christopher J. Dwyer
On Eagle's Wings by Connie Corcoran Wilson
On the Highway to Hell-O-Ween by Larry Siemens
One Breath by Gretchen Cranmer
One Killer Joke by Rod Drake
One Stormy Day by Carlos Ortega

Pomeranian Surprise
by Stephen D. Rogers
Poor Trade by Dale Beran
The Program by Lucille Gallegos
Prophase by Sean Ryan
Pupil Worm by F. Tyler

The Quedlinburg Cuckoo Clock by Sean Ryan
The Quickest Way Down by Charles Christian

Revenge Goes On
by Kirsten Anderson
The Right Number by Rod Drake
The Roast: An Urban Legend by Nathan Rosen
The Room by JG Welch
Room 213 by Ben Rosser

Second Base
by Anonymous
Shel Cthulhustein by Shannon Porter
Sins of the Flesh by Nathan Rosen
Snakebit Srinivasan by Sean Ryan
Space Junk by Sean Ryan
Speed Trap by Sean Ryan
The Stoning by Rod Drake
The Stranger by Jason Dennis
Survivors of the Zombie Outbreak: Interview 18: Tom Stanton by Eric Heisserer

Taking Genmaicha With the General
by Charles Christian
Tears by Tasha McGann
Teeth by F. Tyler
That's the One by CJ Henderson
Then, Night Fell by Dale Beran
The Thirteen Days of Christmas by Charles Christian
Through These Eyes by Jo Skead
Transmutation by Christopher Allan Death
The Tree by Jason Dennis

Uddevalla Mystery Spot by Sean Ryan
Umbrella by Santiago Eximeno
Unexpected Results by Sean Ryan
Unmistakable by Nathan Rosen
Unstable Mutation by Sean Capelle

Velvet Elvis
by Jeffrey T. Maslany
The Visitors by Nathan Rosen
Voices by Lucille Gallegos

We are Silhouettes
by Peter Wild
We Were Wrong by G.S. Riley
Walk-Ins by Nathan Rosen
Without Her by Elizabeth Coleman

You May Have Already Won!
by G.S. Riley
Young Love by Nathan Rosen